Happy Next Day After Valentine’s Day (aka Why I Forgot This Day Yesterday)

I totally and completely missed Valentine’s Day. Yup, I forgot all about it! How unwomanly like of me. I bet all you guys out there wished your significant other would forget about that day, too, once in a while! It didn’t even occur to me that this day had arrived until I started reading the posts of fellow bloggers and what they were doing on this particular day to celebrate. By that point, it was already later in the evening at the day was almost over.

I’m not surprised by my faux pas, though. See, Dude and I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day. We do, however, usually remember the day, tell each other “Happy Valentine’s Day” and move on. It was just this year I did an extra special faux pas.

Now before you all start getting on me about how the heck I could forget this day. I have a very, very good explanation for it. Actually, I have two very, very good explanations for it, but the first one is the best and totally justified.

So here goes:

Firstly, I’m not really into Valentine’s Day because I personally feel I am special each and every day of the year and not just the one day that the scores of marketers and advertisers tell me that I am.  I expect tender lovin’ care all 365 days a year! There is no way I’m letting Dude off that easy and he had better treat me right each and every day just cuz. No excuses any other day of the year by telling me that on Valentine’s Day he did such and such for me and treated me right. No way Jose! I know it’s a tough thing for poor Dude to live up to, but after all these years of marriage and 4 kids, I guess he must be doing something right. Voila, best reason ever.

Secondly, my birthday falls just 5 days after Valentine’s Day, our wedding anniversary is just 3 weeks before Valentine’s Day and Christmas is 1 month before our wedding anniversary which means every year if we chose to give presents and wine and dine each other on each of these days, we get nailed with spending money constantly within about a 7 week period. What I would rather do is a one lump sum of a vacation each year and say it was for all 4 days. This year we plan on taking a little trip to Italy in the spring and I’d say that was a great Christmas, anniversary, Valentine’s Day and birthday present all in one, so it all evens out.

I’d like to note though, that I do usually take the day off of work on my birthday if it happens to fall on a work day (this year it doesn’t, dang it) and do a little day trip (no presents or specials meals) just to make it a little special on my day, which happens to be my favorite day of the year. Yes folks, no matter how old I get, my birthday is always a big deal to me and I just love that day more than any other, which reminds me of a comment my kids made to me a few years back when I woke up all singing and cheerful on my birthday. They all looked at me as I danced into the kitchen and they said, “Why are you dancing and singing and being so cheerful this morning? (Like I said in another post, I’m not a morning person so they knew I was a bit off that day). I said it was because today was my favorite day of the whole year and today I was queen for the whole day. They all looked at each other confused and then, as if in unison said, “What’s the big deal about that, mom? Your queen every day!!” So true, so true and it proves they also know whose boss.

Anyway, that’s just how it is which brings me back to not celebrating Valentine’s Day. If I’m queen every day then voila why would celebrating Valentine’s Day matter? See, my way of thinking totally makes sense 🙂

About backyardprovence

I was finally able to realized my dream of living in France when I moved here in 2010. I love to read,I love history and road trips. I want to be doing anything outside in the fresh air. I want to have an entire room devoted to a personal library.

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  1. But how did you MISS it? I mean, it’s almost impossible to avoid if you put your nose outside or put the tele on, or talk to anyone.

    My birthday’s a bit deal to me too, but I don’t take the day off. If I’m getting a pressie though, I want it ON THE DAY not 3 days later cos someone forgot to order it in time…

    • Hi Sarah! I totally swear I missed it! The problem is that I haven’t been able to stick my nose outside 😦 We’ve been held us the past few weeks in our kitchen while we were waiting for heat and now workers are at my house redoing the roof. I seriously haven’t been anywhere the last few weeks but home then work then home and we’ve been in the house each and every weekend all weekend long due to the cold. Also, we haven’t had any tv hooked up since the electrical is being redone in the house. It’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve seen any television! We’ve had internet and phone and a kitchen so I’m pretty much out to lunch on the holiday!

  2. Hello Ashley. Not sure if that was all true or just a plain old bs explanation for why you missed Valentine’s Day. Now I certainly get that with all of those special occasions falling so close together why you might want to consolidate and do a big blow out like a little vacation to Italy. Anyway, Happy belated Valentine’s Day. Last night at our little Bistro we were fully reserved for the night before we even got in and when we checked the messages, we had 29 messages (we only have 13 tables but unlike France, we do reserve them several times a night) looking for a reservation for Valentine’s Day at 7:00 PM. Now who waits till the day of Valentine’s Day to look for reservations and then ask for 7:00? A lot of guilty guys who are afraid they are going to piss off their wives or girlfriends, that’s who. Have a great day.

    • Ha Ha! Michel, you’re so funny and yes it was absolutely all true. I really did forget about the day, but what we’ve been through with this house warrants the forgetfulness, but also, we 100% truly don’t celebrate Valentine’s day for the exact reasons I gave. I’m a pretty weird girl in that I don’t like presents of jewelry or flowers and I hate to shop and I think Valentine’s day is overrated since I’m always queen for the day, every day:) I say Dude’s got it pretty good with me. But I totally swear my reasons were true! Congrats on your little Bistro doing so well. It sounds like you were busy last night but hey, Valentine’s Day is job security for the restaurant business, I guess. Happy Be-lated day to you, too!

  3. Valentine’s Day isn’t a big day to me/us, either. I’m totally with you on spending money on a trip rather then on flowers and dinners and so forth. Love to travel!

  4. Happy Birthday in three days. I think I counted that right. I swear so many of my French bloggy friends are born in February. What does it all mean?

    aidan xo

    • Hi Aidan, Thanks for the early happy birthday! I hope I get nice weather this year on that day. I think you having a lot of friends whose birthdays are in February means that your good at picking blogging friends 🙂 See, we folks born under the Aquarius sign (and Pisces in some February cases) make the best friends in the whole wide world, you know, fun loving and party people (if I do say so myself!) He He!

  5. You claim valentine’s day is not a big deal to you, that’s why you “missed it” yet, you have memory of all the days and events in your life surrounding valentine’s day. That could be hard to miss! Your birthday is 5 days after V-day and it’s a big deal to you? if it is, wouldn’t the count down to your b-day begin on like v-day? Hard to miss. You got 4 kids, meaning you watch T.V. meaning most of the shows and commercials were about V-day. Hard to miss. Only if T.V is not watched in your house or you don’t watch them with your kids. The blog would have been more believalbe if you explained why you do not celebrate V-day instead of lie about how you “missed” the day! Even with kids around, i’m sure they’d talk about it…maybe making cup cakes for their valentine, teachers or friends, or sending cards out…hmmm the more i think about it, the more i question your credibility.

    • Well Gorgeous damsel, of course I remember that my birthday is 5 days after Valentine’s Day, because it always has been! I was a kid once and when I was little Valentine’s was a fun day cuz of all the candy and partying I got to have and do in school. Going to the store with my mom and picking out the little cards to put candy in for all my schoolmates and getting 30 treats in return was super awesome. That’s when Valentine’s day was fun and useful to me! When you’re a kid! So of course the count down would start then, during childhood! As an adult I realized that that one day didn’t make life any more special for me cuz I already was awesome all the other days too! Regarding the 4 kids, if you read my blog, my kids are all grown. In fact, three of them are adults now so we don’t stand around baking cookies and doing the school thing anymore. Those years have been long over for me and my one daughter who is left at home is home-schooled and around the corner from being 16 so there you go on that one. No goodies for teachers or Valentine cards for friends (SHE didn’t even say anything about the day this year). Also, again if you had been reading my blog, my husband and I are in the process of doing a complete remodel on our house we just bought. Except for the new roof and 2 exterior walls being stucco’d we are doing the whole thing by ourselves. At the moment we live in the kitchen using WIFI when I want to be online. No other room in the house is able to be occupied due to the renovation. We haven’t watched TV in weeks because the entire electrical system in our house is being redone and we can’t use the living room any longer (which is the one room with TV-we only have one TV) because there is no insulation or heat in that room. -10C in a room is not exactly a room to hang out in. So no TV. Living in one room and constantly working around and in a remodel doesn’t really make me care too much about TV and ads right now. And if you ask my husband he will corroborate my story since he said later that evening (before I read everyone’s blogs) Happy Valentine’s Day and I said, “No it’s not”. To which he replied yes it is. But since it was evening and he didn’t say it before then, I figure he was covering his butt at the last minute cuz he forgot until evening time, too. To make it clear, all the other year’s I haven’t forgotten Valentine’s Day. I have always remembered it. It’s just we don’t celebrate it in our house for all the reason’s I gave. I never said in my writings that I forgot it each and every year! It only happened this year that I forgot it. Not celebrating it and forgetting it are two different things. The writing was to say that I forgot the day, but it’s not too big a deal either cuz we don’t celebrate it any way so why feel too bad about that. Next year, when life is back to normal I won’t forget the day, but I still won’t celebrate it either. The celebration will come later on down the road with another fabulous trip somewhere instead 🙂

  6. Hi Ashley! I’m with you girlfriend, VD was, and is for children, and, on top of that it’s just another Hallmark creation. My husband treats me like VD all year round. I would rather travel, read a book or read one of the treasured blog’s I follow (like yours!) You give so much to your posts, love the detail . . . I especially appreciate your writing since what you are doing is my dream. We did nothing here for VD; I just started teaching an evening course at our local community college . . .and, that evening was 2/14!!! You know, what I love is the unexpected . . . like the little box of chocolates I received from one of my students. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

    • Hi Debra! Congrats on your teaching job (what luck that the class was on Valentine’s day, huh!) I definitely know that there are others out there just like you and me even if they don’t want to admit it. Just like you said, those little treats that are unexpected are the best and most adored and remembered. The marketing and ad agencies have got everyone brain washed. I think we girls know that we are special every day and it’s awesome when we find the man who thinks that way, too:) Lucky you for having a husband that treats you right all the time. BTW- I treat my man right all year around, too cuz it goes both ways. He is special each and every day, too 🙂

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