The Port of Cassis

Tonight, at sunset, Dude and I took a stroll along the small beach and the port at Cassis. This village is one of our favorites to visit in the area and I have written about its charm before. It’s quite close to where I work so we are often there during the week in the evening time and can be seen window shopping and pastry shopping while enjoying the beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

Cassis is one of those towns that tourists flock to during spring and summer vacation. If you happen to visit during the tourist season you will find yourself feeling like herded cattle as you make your way around the walkway of the port. Every restaurant, shop, bars, and ice cream store in this village is full of people and you’re lucky if you can find a place to sit and relax. The main streets are crowded with tables and chairs and wide-eyed vacationers taking in the beauty of this delightful little town.

Normally during the summer months we avoid this place. After all we have the whole rest of the year to enjoy it while it is peaceful. Tonight happened to be one of those amazingly, peaceful nights. Since it is the beginning of spring, vacationers have not started to make their way to Cassis. This was the perfect night to venture there as the weather was calm and the temperature perfect for an evening stroll. There were no crowds, only a few other couples and families enjoying the warm evening.

This is the way I like to enjoy Cassis. The calm water, the warm air and the feeling like this picture perfect place is just for you and you don’t have to share it with anyone. I always comment on how wonderful it is to be able to visit whenever we want to and watch nature show off her magnificent sunset. We are so spoiled just like everyone else who lives here!

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I was finally able to realized my dream of living in France when I moved here in 2010. I love to read,I love history and road trips. I want to be doing anything outside in the fresh air. I want to have an entire room devoted to a personal library.

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  1. It does look idyllic. You’ve discovered the perfect time to enjoy the sites.

  2. We went there a couple of years ago. It’s a very pretty place. Surprisingly, the water was absolutely freezing in August. Much too cold to swim in. The sea had been much warmer in the Vendée the previous week.

    • Hi Clare! If the water was freezing there’s a good chance the wind was probably blowing a few days before you went. Do you remember if that was the case? I’ve been told that even on hot, summer days not to go into the water after the Mistrals or winds are blowing cuz the temp of the water drops rapidly to an unbearable rate! You have to wait two to three days later before venturing back in. Funny huh?

      • Yes, you’re right. I did hear that the Mistral or another cold wind had been blowing before our arrival and I guess that would have affected the sea temperature. It came as a bit of a shock though!

  3. Ahhh…we were there Wednesday, and it was glorious! No crowds, sun, naps on the beach. A perfect day!

  4. I love Cassis and we include it on almost every trip we make to Provence no matter what time of the year. This year I am hoping my little car will keep on going and get to Sanary Sur Mer or Bandol so I can see some new places. I love the way you captured the evening colors.

    • Thanks for the kudos on the photos, Michel. I do hope you make it to Sanary and Bandol. Those are two others places that we love to go and have been often. Both offer some really nice easy to moderate hikes right on the water, too! Can’t wait to see your pictures when you finally make it!

  5. Wow that’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to see that part of the country one day. How lucky you guys are to have that close to your work!

  6. I want to go there so bad. But I always forget and then it’s tourist season. I must do it before the Easter break!
    beautiful photos.
    aidan xo

  7. I was in Cassis with a small group at the height of the tourist season a few years ago. We took one of those small boat tours of les calanques and it was absolutely beautiful — and a lot less crowded on the boat than in the town. There you go giving me another idea for a photo blog! You know, your castellas story really prompted me to get my La Sabranenque story out of the to-do queue … that and the fact that people who might want to volunteer this summer still have time to do it.

    • I say “go for it” on that photo blog, Lee. It would be great. By the way, I just saw your post today on La Sab and it was terrific. I would love to do something like that one day (like the one day AFTER I finish volunteering on my house!)

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