Color Me Lavender

Well another little project chez moi was in the works. Since we have this really old and really messed up French house, our life is full of large and small projects that we try to get to when we can.

This spring has been a bit difficult. Not only do we want to get out and see the countryside during great weather times, we also need to complete some outdoorsy projects that have been put on hold during the winter. So far this spring the weather has not cooperated on most days for either of those things.

One fine day, we actually were able to get a project done that really needed to get done. That project was repairing and painting the garage doors.

Our garage doors are made of wood and they haven’t had any tender loving care for ages (like this rest of this house). The problem we were having is that all the rain was ruining the base of the door and the wood was rotting out in some areas. If we didn’t hurry up and fix and paint the garage, the wood would be no good and the doors would have to be replaced.

I did not like the idea of replacing the doors. All the exterior doors and volets on the house are made out of the exact same wood (exotic wood from Africa) and were very well made. Some one really took the time to do a nice job making them and I very much wanted to keep them. Plus, they all matched in style and it would be difficult and very expensive to try and have new ones made to match the others.

So began the project. The doors looked like this when we bought the house. As you can see, they were pretty dull and lifeless and in dire need of some work. In some areas the paint was chipping and cracked.

Dude started out with sanding the garage doors with a power sander. This took a good deal of time and he had to go over the doors several times.

While he was working on the individual boards, I took to using some sand paper to go in between the boards making sure everything was smooth. I also sanded around the nail holes to get rid of any loose or splintered paint.

Once all the sanding was done, Dude went about putting bondo on the doors to smooth out and help cover the nail holes and impurities. He also fixed one of the boards at the base of the door that was in really bad shape and had started to rot. After doing that, he went back and sanded the doors again.

Who knew he was such an artist? I believe it looks like we put a Christmas tree of bondo on the doors!

After all that, he got to work with repainting them. I had chosen a lavender color for the doors a few weeks prior to the work. Any color related to purple is my favorite color so that was a natural choice for me. I knew I didn’t want anything too dark or overpowering. I had known for a while that when it came time to paint the exterior doors and volets on the house, I wanted everything to be a nice Provencal lavender color. I am very pleased with the outcome and I think the doors turned out really well. They almost look like new doors. I really love the color and think that it suits the house nicely.

The doors are actually quite large and each step needed to be done several times in order to have the right outcome. Since it was basically Dude that did the whole job, it did take a while from start to finish.

Lucky for us, the rest of the doors and volets aren’t this big. We do, however, have one door that is in worse shape than the garage doors were and that is the side door to the apartment. The kitchen volet also needs a bit of work. Those will be a project for another day, though. For now, I will be content with my nice lavender garage doors. I really, really like the color.



About backyardprovence

I was finally able to realized my dream of living in France when I moved here in 2010. I love to read,I love history and road trips. I want to be doing anything outside in the fresh air. I want to have an entire room devoted to a personal library.

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  1. Absolutely lovely doors ,the colour looks so right against the stone wall at either side,but then what other colour would you choose in Provence?

    • Absolutely right, Kathleen! There is no other color to chose from 🙂 Surprisingly I am the only house in my village with this color of volet! That is super cool, though. Thanks for reading and commenting, I look forward to seeing you around my little corner of the world again.

  2. Nice color! I am inspired by you and Dude’s work on the garage doors. I need to sand and redo the doors on our house in Sablet. We painted the doors when we moved in about 4 years ago, but it has not been done since.

    • Thanks Michel! It was a job! I definitely know that our doors were done last about 20 years ago, so they were really due. Just be sure to block off a day for your work. You know how slow things go in France even if you are fast personally!

  3. I love the color! Are you going to do all the shutters the same? Bon courage!

  4. It is perfect! I especially like the way it accents the stone. I didn’t even notice the stone in the first pictures, but after they were painted the stonework pops!

    • Thanks Renee and I agree. The doors were so drab and dull before. I’m sure when the house and volets were originally done many ions ago, the colors were really great and vibrant but after all this time, it was no bueno. I can’t wait until this side of the house gets painted, then I think it will be even nicer 🙂 Viva lavender!

  5. Please send Dude round our way – most of our shutters look just as dull and lifeless and would love a bit of his caring touch. Maybe we should spend less time blasting around the French countryside!!!!

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