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The Sunshine Award

I’m such a dork. Not that you all didn’t already know that, I’m just putting it out there in writing.

How this particular confession came about is that I was reading over passed comments on my blog (I try and do that every now and then cuz a lot of them just give me a giggle) when I realized that Leigh over at bluegrassnotes had nominated me 2 whole months ago for the Sunshine Award!!! Can you believe it, what a DORK I am for not jumping on that one cuz it’s the first (and only) award I have ever received.

Thank you so much Leigh for nominating me. Even though I am a late bloomer on accepting awards, I am super excited to be a winner! Leigh writes all about her spiritual journeys through life and the power of healing your spirit. In her own words she writes, “It’s a journey that covers mind, body and spirit so topics will include health and emotional issues as well as spirit.” She is also a grand lover of something I have yet to experience which is yoga. Thank you again, Leigh, for nominating my blog. I appreciate it very much!

So without further adieu, here are the rules of how to play nice with this award.

  •       Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
  •       Answer the questions on your favorites below.
  •       Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them.

The thanking was done just up above (remember it was just after the giant word DORK for me).

Here are my favorites in no particular order what so ever:

Favorite Color – Purple/lavender (please peeps, haven’t you seen my new garage doors??)

Favorite Animal – Turtles. They are slow, like me. On the other hand, they are quiet and I’m not so I guess we balance each other out.

Favorite Number – 19 (duh)

Favorite Drink – Coffee and Dr. Pepper. I have two favorites but I don’t drink them together cuz that would be really dumb.

Facebook or Twitter – Hmmm, I don’t really know. Can I just choose WordPress?

Your Passion – Travel and reading books. It’s super awesome when I can do both at the same time, that’s skills I tell ya.

Giving or getting presents – Giving, hands down. I love to watch people’s face light up when they open a present. It just gives me that warm, fuzzy and happy feeling.

Favorite Day – My birthday, of course. Otherwise known in my house as Queen’s Day.

Favorite Flowers – Lilies (never mind they were traditionally for the dead) and carnations.

Here is my list of nominee/winners. Even though I love reading so many wonderful blogs out there, I really tried to select winners who haven’t received the award, yet. I love to spread the warmth around, it’s part of that giving thing I wrote about up above 🙂 I will do my utmost best to let all the winners know right away, but as I stated, I’m kinda slow like my favorite animal.

Please click away and check out some of these blogs. If you’re on the list, please pay it forward….

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