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Ummm- You Missin’ Something?

In France, there are a lot of households that hang their clothes out to dry from their window. I always thought this was a bit odd since there is so much dust and dirt from the cars driving by, not to mention all the times people have forgotten their drying clothes and left them out in the rain (unless that was how they were being washed), and of course, there’s the wind that’s always blowing here in Provence. That alone means there’s a good chance that someone might lose an article of clothing every now and then.

Well, some suspicions came true the other day while walking through a local village. It seems that someone had lost their “chonies” while hanging them out to dry! What a great surprise for the neighbor it must have been when he went to open his window the next day and saw his neighbor’s underwear stuck on his volet holder! He probably got a good chuckle out of it.

I’m sure it happens quite a bit here. I guess you can’t be a person easily embarrassed if you live in a village house!

If it were me that had found the underwear on my volet holder, I would have told one of my kids to go stick it on their head, run upstairs to the neighbor’s and when they answered the door, to just point at their head and say, “Ummm, you missin’ something important?” Knowing my son, he totally would have done that!

Ba Ba Black Sheep

You all know how much I LOVE living in the country. I love my vineyards, my hills, my quiet, little, country village and my sheep. Well, they’re not exactly MY sheep (they’re not my vineyards or hills either, but hey, one can wish right??).

So today, on my way to work and taking that most wonderful, delightful drive through the country side, what did I spy? Sheep! They’re everywhere roaming about near my village, now. The sheep herders have finally decided to let them frolic about the country side and guess what?? Most of them are naked!

Today after seeing several different groups of sheep and sheep herders along the route, I finally had Dude stop off on the side of the road so I could take a photo of them.

This particular group was not naked (they were probably glad about that since I was taking their photos). They were, however, all busy about their task of mowing their owner’s yard.

All the sheep were white except for one! I guess you always have to have a “black sheep” in the family, don’t you?

They’re so adorable and I have decided that I want to sheep-napped one of them. I think that my garden is big enough.  He will fit right in with the rooster I want to get 🙂


Spring Is In The Air (Even If The Weather Doesn’t Want To Cooperate)

Yesterday evening Tinki and I went for a walk for about an hour. It was good to get out and enjoy the extra daylight we have now. The trees and flowers continue to bloom and the weather has warmed up from a few months ago, but it’s still not up to par for me. I would like for it to get just a tad bit warmer. I don’t like to be freezing cold and I don’t like to be burning up either which is one of the reasons why spring is my favorite season. That and all the flowers and trees blooming, of course! Usually the weather is just right for me, but this spring I feel like I’m getting gypped. All the nice days were in March and once April rolled around the good weather left us.

Over the last couple weeks the wind has continued to blow and it’s been cloudy most days. Even when we have reached decent temperatures during the day, the evening gets pretty cold in my village when the sun goes down.

As Tinki and I took off for our outing, it was still warm enough to not have to wear a jacket, but by the time we returned home, the wind had kicked up again pretty strong and it was cold. Good thing we decided to bring our jackets with us.

We only lasted for an hour before it got too cold and windy, but that was long enough to snap some photos of the most recent blooms.



Lovely Le Lavandou

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to go out and take a nice stroll along the beach. The weather here has been so perfect and I just didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to go to one of my favorite beaches. I have already written about Le Lavandou in another post (click here), but I thought I would show a couple of pictures of our walk along the beach today.

I had taken our badminton rackets and birdies in hopes that it would not be too breezy to play a game on the beach. Unfortunately, it was too windy so we happily strolled along the boardwalk instead. I love this beach because it is one of the few beaches near me that is actually large and sandy, not rocky. This time of year is great to go and visit for a day out since the weather is usually nice and the tourists haven’t flocked here for vacation, yet.

Just look how we had the whole beach and walkway practically all to ourselves. The water almost looks like a giant lake and was so calm and inviting.

Even He’s Cold

As the wave of cold continues across Europe we are bound to see more and more photos of snow covered cars and houses, people bundled up like Eskimos, frozen lakes and rivers and ice covered cliffs.

Provence, though definitely not as cold as some of the other regions of Europe, has been touch by the cold spell, nonetheless. I read and watch the news daily for any sign of a power outage (which has happened in the department I live in), icy road warnings or more snow to come. Some of the photos I have seen have been incredible, some sad, and some beautiful and breathtaking.

When reading this morning about the current state of the weather in Europe, I came across this photo. It was one that made me laugh and I just had to share it.

I think he even has a look of distress on his face. I love his icy beard and his furrowed brow. His sad face seems to give off the impression that even he is cold and has had enough of this weather.

For some interesting fun facts about Gargoyles, head on over to my friend Corey’s blog at A French Frye In Paris. He’ll let you in on the lowdown of these famous creatures.

More Toilet Talk

Now you all know how I’m takin’ with the toilets in France. There is just something fundamentally funny to me about the stuff I’ve seen here, that I’ve never seen in The States. So far, all the blog posts I’ve written that has to do with something about a toilet or toilet seat in France have yet to be found in my home country. For some odd and demented reason, I am fascinated by what I can buy or find here in the way of these products and I can’t resist taking a photo and writing about it. It just boggles my mind (I have to let you in on a secret…..see…I’m simple minded). Now does it make sense to you? I just happen to be one of those people who get a kick out of simple and crazy or dumb things. I know you all know someone personally like me so no judging.

I think this must help me somehow psychologically. How?? I’m not exactly sure, but it gives me a chuckle and everyone knows that laugher is the best medicine when you’re feeling down. So I guess that must be it. Yup-it’s quite possible.

You see, when I’ve been in Castorama or LeRoy-Merlin or some other store for house renovation materials and I am going on hour number 4 (in the same store) looking at all the same stuff I looked at last week and hoping that this week something new has come in and then finding out it hasn’t, and then suddenly I find something that takes my mind off the hardship of non-acquirement (is that a word?), then I just gotta snap the shot. (I think that might have been my longest sentence, yet). For some odd reason, this has been in the area of the toilets.

I swear that this stuff can’t be found in The States. If it exists there, then no one has come forward to let me know.

Well, my latest find is, ta…da..


The toilet where you can wash your hands with the tank water!

This is pure genius. Not only is it a space saver but it’s also double usage for toilet water!! What could be better? I’m thinking about buying stock in the company who is producing this. I have a feeling it’s going to be really big someday. I can totally see it in dorm rooms across America.

Now, I’m betting this hasn’t gotten to The States, yet, and the reason I think this is because my daughter was in a dorm and had a very (I mean microscopic) bathroom and she still had a tub, toilet and separate sink! This could be the wave of the future for dorm kids. Guess what?? It can even triple as a drinking fountain if you pick the right faucet! I’m sold. Done.

I’m thinking about buying one and shipping it to my son for his birthday. Then he will be the toast of the town and all his friends will want one. Then I can make a deal with the company who sells it and be rich, rich, rich….. mauhaha….!

Wow, okay…getting a little ahead of myself.

But seriously, is this a great idea or what? If anyone in The States has come across this fantastic item, either in a store (or better yet, installed in a home or office) please send me a photo or tell me about it. I’m dying to know if I’m behind the times on this or there is still hope to corner uncharted territory in the USA!

The Most Awesome Toilet Seat EVER!!

France has this thing with toilet seats. I’m not sure what it is, but it totally cracks me up. I had written a post a while back about the time I was in Castorama and I found a toilet seat with a TV in it. It was fascinating, I tell you. Well, the other day I found the mother of all toilet seats. This one is the tops and takes the whole kit n’ caboodle!

Viola! A toilet seat with a remote control!

This thing is awesome. Check out that buttons. One says “Woman”. What the heck does that even mean? Can you push a combination of buttons at the same time cuz I want to know what “Woman” plus “massage” means?! Ha ha! That’s hilarious! I was all kinds of ready to climb up on the display and try that puppy out 🙂

I did try the remote while I was at the store, but apparently there weren’t any batteries in it. That was just killing me. I was playing around with the remote trying so hard to see what I could get this thing to do! I really want to see it in action. Next time I’m at the store I’m bringing batteries with me just in case the thing still doesn’t work.

I want to find out how many things I can get it to do all at once. Can you program it? How about for something like “woman”, “high water pressure”, “nozzle move to front”, “wash”. I am assuming “wash” means the person and not the seat cuz the drawing on the button looks like a curvy bum. I will be sorely disappointed if that’s not true.

Man, the things these French people are into. If I ever go to some one’s house here and see this, I’m gonna laugh myself silly (after I try it out, that is)!

If anyone has this seat, I wanna know if it’s as cool as it seems to be. If you do have it, and it isn’t as cool as I think, don’t spoil my fun. Just tell me it’s the best use of a remote you’ve ever seen 🙂

Christmas Lunch

Today was my company’s annual Christmas party and I gotta tell ya, it was quite nice. We went to a small restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean and it just so happened that today we had the nicest weather we’ve had in about a week.

It has been super windy, cold and dreary for the past week and yesterday I started to get a bit worried that the weather was going to damper the party. To my utmost surprise I woke this morning to a blue sky, no wind and one of the warmest days we’ve had in a while.

The restaurant had a gorgeous view and the tables were very nicely decorated. I had the most superb egg and truffle appetizer, beef entree covered in a delicious, mouth watering sauce and a dessert of chocolate that was to die for. The atmosphere was wonderful and calm and we had such a relaxing time. I do believe I should do this more often!

Note to self: When house is finished, hire cook to feed me meals like this to make me feel better.



I have to confess that I have almost never seen a sunrise. For most of you that might be surprising, but I am more of a sunset kind of person. Not because I think sunsets are more beautiful but because I am a self professed night owl and hate to get up early in the morning. Anything before 8am is considered just way too early to me. On weekends I have even been known to sleep until after 10am!

Due to this, I have almost never captured a glimpse of a sunrise. As luck would have it, in Provence during this time of year, the sun rises at pretty close to 8am. On the day I took this photo it happened to be a night that I camp out at my office which over looks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. I jumped at the chance to snap a couple of shots knowing that this was a rare experience for me. It was a gorgeous morning and I stood and watched the sun rise for as long as possible. That means until I felt I was going blind. I’ll make sure I leave that part out at my next eye check-up when my doctor asks me if I ever look at the sun for long periods of time 🙂

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween to all!

Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday of the whole year so I am kind of let down by the fact that France just doesn’t get it the way we Americans do.

During the month of October I just loved seeing all the decorations in the stores and at neighbors’ houses. We ourselves were big into decorating when the kids were young. I also miss passing out candy and seeing everyone dressed up. It’s such a huge deal in The States that now I am finally feeling a bit of culture shock!

A few weeks ago I found out that our town was going to put on a Halloween party and got all excited and told Tinki about it. We were gonna be in like Flynn. Then we found out that it was only for kids 3-12??!! What the heck? This holiday is for everyone and I’m crying foul. These guys don’t understand how much fun this holiday is for big people, too and I tell you when they do figure it out, look out!

So for the month of October, this picture was about as Halloweeny as it got for me. I vow right at this moment, that next year I am dressing up in full force and gonna show these Frenchies how it’s done. I might scare my co-workers, but then again, that is all part of the fun:) Muaha ha ha!!!

I ended up finding a picture of me taken 2 years ago. I was Laura Croft Tomb Raider. Look out Angie, your competition is in town!

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