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Contrary to what you believe, not all people in France have a great fashion sense.

Super Man Is Really French

Well, this isn’t exactly a man purse, at least I don’t think it is, but in any case I’m going to chalk it up to being a Super Man Bag (ok lame joke. Sheesh you guys are a tough audience!).

Apparently, Superman is French and I didn’t even know it! I guess all these years to claim him as one of my own (American that is) was kind of high and mighty. So the truth comes out. Now here is walking around the south of France. Lucky for all of us who happen to be in a bit of a jam. Maybe he can use his super strength to come hold up my roof. Or better, yet, his super speed to fix it!

Wait a minute. I thought he was suppose to hide his identity. Wow, I guess that times are a changin’. I always thought he should be proud of who he is and let everyone know. I sure would if I was Super Girl! Not a word out of you on that one, Dude. Not…..a……word.

Well, he was Super Cool and he did have the bag so I guess that makes it true. He must be the real thing.  Wow, Superman + French. Us mere mortals have so much to live up to.

Pretty In Pink

Well, it’s that time again, time for another episode of French Fashion Faux pas. I’m actually am a bit fond of this one cuz you know what it tells me? Is tells me that this guy is comfortable with himself and I like that in a man.

He’s ALL about pink, now isn’t he?! I don’t know about you, but not even my daughters would wear shorts that shade of pink.

He has a ton going on, too.

Let’s break it down now, shall we? First and secondly, that pink bandana and pink shorts. These are like, baby girl, pink, too. A color a mom would bring her first newborn daughter home in from the hospital after she had 5 boys! I know that I personally have never owned anything that shade before. I believe it’s even too feminine for me!

Now, let’s take a look at that bag he’s holding. What’s going on with that?! It looks like there may be a tad bit of pink going on there, as well, and maybe even a bit of purple. I see he likes to live dangerously.

Of course, he’s got my personal favorite, the man purse. We all know how much I love that accessory for men! He went all out on that, too since it’s as big as my purse. I’m just disappointed that is isn’t some other shade of pink 😦

Then to top it off, he’s wearing a white, wife beater shirt! That’s hil-air-ious! Nothing says manly like a wife beater. Love it! I guess that’s the reason why he feels comfortable in his pinkness, no one messes with a guy wearing a wife beater no matter what else he’s sporting!

I can hear him now, “I’m feeling a bit feminine today, I’d better throw in some masculinity for balance!”

In all honesty, folks, I really do love this stuff because these European guys will wear anything and not care. Most guys in the states (not all-mind you) are too caught up in their masculinity and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing pink (unless they live in Frisco 🙂 ). I like a man with a touch of femininity to him (personally that’s one of the reasons I married Dude, cuz he’s a Dude but with a chick mix to him).

So you know what I say about men and pink?  I say “Go for it”, especially if you want to be featured on my blog!

Speedo Speed Walking

While on my way to the office in the morning, I came upon Mr. Speedo. I totally love how he is sporting only his diaper-like speedo, a bag for his goodies, socks and sneakers. He was super serious and really into his walking.

I guess he thinks that the less he wears, the faster he can go. It could be a possibility(?). By the time I got to my building, parked the car, went up to my office and looked out the window (just to see if he was coming my way), he had actually made it all the way up the hill, rounded the corner , had just passed my window and was heading up another street.

He might have something going there. I will, however, not be testing this theory. I don’t want to end up on someone else’s blog, thank you very much!

Take It Down A Notch

Wow! What do we have here?? Something just doesn’t seem right about this outfit. She should have thought twice before leaving the house this morning with Ashley around. She does look happy, though. I’ll give here that.

Now this is forever imprinted on the frontal lobes of your brain.

Your welcome!

Wow-No, No Gramps

I think that Grandma wasn’t around when grandpa left the house to go to the beach on this day. YOWZA!



Work It Grandma

This grandma has had some misguided fashion advice. I think it might be time to give this outfit up to one of the grand kids.

Who Said You Could Leave The House Like That!

There is a misconception in this world that French people know how to dress and they always look great. Well the two attachments are proof that this is not always the case.

I snapped these while out on a road trip a couple of weeks ago. Apparently her family didn’t put there well deserved 2 cents in!

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