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The crazy signs you see while traveling around France

Excuse me, but what do you sell here?

There is no mistaking what this store sells. Their name choosing ability is uncanny ^^

I am not sure what “shake and be undestructible” means, though (and yes, that is how they spelled it).

Looks like the person with the uncanny name choosing ability was not the same person who wrote the tag line. That is unfortunate.

I am glad, however, that the mannequin loves her boyfriend and is not afraid to tell everyone. Also, I am thinking about buying dude those cool, heart boxer briefs. I think he can sport them.

This Says It All

Pure genius and very thought provoking when someone with out a disability wants to park in a reserved spot. In English this actually says, “You are taking my place? Take my handicap!” Makes you think twice before taking the spot, doesn’t it.

BS is Everywhere

Some one really wasn’t thinking when it came to naming this store. Who wants to actually go some where to get BS’d. At least they give you a discount on it.

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