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The Antique Car Show in Signes

On Sunday we headed off to the little village of Signes for their antique car show. The weather could not have been more perfect that day. Nice and warm, but not too warm, with a cool breeze.

Lots of car enthusiast turned out for the event and there were plenty of cars to see. We ended spending the afternoon looking at all the wonderful cars on display. Some were from France and Italy and some were of course, American.

Not only were the cars a treat for us to look at and enjoy, but so was the scenery. The village of Signes has some of the most picturesque hills surrounding it.

Here were some of the cars on display as well as some of the beautiful hills and countryside of the village.

Citroën 2CV

The Citroën 2CV is another favorite car of mind that I see all over France.  They look like they have so much personality by the way the headlights are placed. The body style is super cute and gives the car a lot of character. Here is a bit more info on this four-wheeled, two horse-powered, beauty

These two happen to be a couple of my favorites, but for different reasons.

I really like the baby blue one because the owners have taken such good care of it. The color is great and it was really clean both inside and out. It also had a nice, straight body and no dings or rust. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it just came of the factory line.


The red one was cool mostly because of the spotted cowhide interior. That really makes it! Even though this one was not as well maintained as the blue one, it was still in really good condition. I love the rag top, as well.

This particular car is fast becoming in contention as a second vehicle for our family. We shall soon see.

The down side is that they all use petrol, which is very expensive here in France. You can, of course, “build your own” and put in a diesel motor, but that just seems like too much work for me.

We are for the moment, a one car family, which is something we really have never been. So far, though, this has worked out great with my office being only 10 minutes away from my apartment and Dude, being a kept man, ends up going everywhere with me anyway!

But these times are changin’. We are moving next month and we will be located about 1 hour away from my office. We’ll definitely need another car.

Hummm, the Mehari or the Citroen??  I really hope I’m able to choose one of these, cuz I would totally look great in either one!

One thing is for sure, I will post a pic of the newest addition to our family when he arrives. No matter what he is.

A Bit Of Sunshine

I think this is going to be my next car. Benoit might get jealous. I better watch for road trip antics.

This little cutie is called a Citroën Méhar and it was built between the years 1968-1988. They were only sold for one year in the states. They must have been super popular in France because they are literally everywhere here. Most of them are in excellent condition, too. The original body was made of plastic, but I have seen refurbished ones with steel bodies.

I could so see myself humming around town in this thing. By the looks of it, the freeway would probably be off limits.



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