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Saturday Stroll and Dejeuner

Mr. Meteo told me last night that it was going to rain today, so I made no plans to go anywhere.

Well, stupid Mr. Meteo was wrong. I woke this morning (or mid-morning by everyone else’s standards) to a sunny, blue sky. It was a bit breezy, but not too bad. Definitely nothing in the way of the Mistrals or anything, so that brightened my day some.

I’m not complaining about sunny skies, no way Jose. It just that I would have made whole day away plans if I would have known. I treasure my weekend get-a-ways, you know.

So, I again checked Mr. Meteo this morning to see what was up. He was still saying that rain would be coming my way sometime this afternoon which meant that if I wanted to do anything in the outdoorsy way, I had better get on it (if he was telling me the truth).

Since we have such a nice area to stroll in, Dude and I decided to take an hour or so walk before lunch.

To our surprise it was quite pleasant outside and turned out to be perfect weather for a late morning walk.

The little poppies are blooming.

The vineyards are starting to show leaves and thanks to all the rain we have been having, the mountains and fields are a nice shade of green.

Once back home, it was time for a quick lunch.

Yes folks, that’s my idea of a quick lunch, Cantal cheese (I will forever love my friend Jacqui over at The French Village Diaries for introducing me to this wonderful cheese), fresh strawberries, a bottle of Cairanne wine(made known to be my my friend Michel our at Sablet House Provence and that Dude already partook of) and some delicious 1848 dark chocolate while enjoying the view.

I do kind of think I’m spoiled, but somehow I just can’t apologize for it 🙂

Market Games

So two nights ago, I am shopping in Carrefour. By the way, I used to like this market way back when I lived here in 2003, but now I am just frustrated with them.

See they started this thing about opening a new cash register if the amount of people waiting in a line for one has crossed a blue line they put on the floor. They actually have this advertised all over the place, on the radio, the tele, and in the store! Guess what, they NEVER do it. I have been to this store so many times when the line of people has passed the blue floor line and gone 15 people passed and they still won’t open a new register! It SO pisses me off! All these people are standing around and discussing how they never open a new register and why the heck say you are gonna do it and then don’t. So then everyone starts becoming disgruntled, and the people in line start yelling at the cashiers who are yelling back at the people in line saying there is nothing they can do about it.

NOTHING they can do about it! Open another register you friggin’ morons!  All this waiting around is irritating me and everyone else and my frozen stuff is rapidly thawing.

I try to avoid this store if I possibly can. The only problem is that it is super close to my house and I am obliged to pop in every now and then to pick up some things. I cringe before going, though. I am starting to have night mares about that blue line and people getting so made about standing behind it that they start throwing food in the aisles. If that does happen, I hope I am there to video tape it.

Well, on top of the blue line issue, the other night I am walking down the center aisle of the store (mind you this is a pretty wide aisle) and I have a baguette in one hand and some cookies, cheese and yogurt in the other (don’t judge). So there is this lady standing right smack in the middle of the aisle with her big, giganto purse and she is literally talking to a guy who is way to the left of the aisle. I have no idea why she just doesn’t go over and stand by him to have her stupid conversation, but, whatever. So here I come sporting all my goods and she decides she is gonna move, but then decides “nope”, then REDECIDES “yup”. So me, being the kind and courteous person I am, ran into her. On purpose.  I felt like I was in the Mario Cart video game , when you hit those floating things in the sky and points appear. That was exactly what happened. I ran into her, saw her purse fly up and points appeared from the sky. It was awesome.

The awesomeness only lasted for a second though, because she turned and gave me the “game over” look. I just smiled at her and walked on while humming the Mario Cart tune. That’ll teach ya to stand right smack in the middle of the aisle while the world is buzzing around you.

Moreover, I will see you behind the infamous blue line. Ha!

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