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Tinki Finally Has A Bed

What started out as just wanting to put a dresser in Tinki’s room today (so she could finally take every article of clothing out of her suitcase after 7 months), actually turned into a bigger production. Dude said that since we were going to take a break from any more major projects for a while (we are trying to save money and also take a breather from working on the house) that means no painting or flooring, we might as well just put up her bed, dresser and book shelf so she wouldn’t have to feel so much like a transient.

So began the project which took us all afternoon. Luckily everything worked out and we had no major issues (that’s a miracle in itself, I tell you!).

Tinki’s bed is a bunk bed set that we bought about 20 years ago for our older two children and it’s been through all of them. Now Tinki has it all to herself. It’s a really nice solid oak set with a dresser and bookshelf and it has actually made it through 4 children, 4 major moves and 2 years in storage. Definitely part of the family heirloom collection 🙂

The set was taken completely apart when we moved here and in the end we had a lot of pieces for it. Putting it together required both Dude and I, and for a while, we even needed Tinki’s help. Some of the pieces are really heavy and the bed has bolts to keep it together.

First off, we had to go down to the first floor apartment to find all the pieces. The apartment is the holding place for pretty much everything we own right now.

After Dude dug out the pieces from the apartment, he then handed them off to me to bring through the garden then through the garage and then I left them at the bottom of the staircase on the ground level and Tinki took them up two flights of stairs to the 3rd story. We actually had to use our furniture dolly so that Dude could pull the dresser up the stairs and Tinki and I helped by pushing the dresser from the bottom. This piece is the heaviest piece of the set and our staircases are curved at both the top and bottom so it was touch and go for a bit, but in the end we got the dresser into her room.

After all pieces were laid out in the bedroom, we got to work on putting it together. Dude was able to find all the bolts, drills and the ratchet necessary (this was a first)to get the job completed. I can’t believe we actually found everything we needed and the job went without a hitch.

Now Tinki has her bed, a dresser for her clothes and shelves for all her knick knacks. There’s still dry wall on the walls, concrete floors and wires sticking out of the dry wall, but at least it’s a start.

She has already picked out the colors she wants her walls to be but paint is expensive so we’re waiting on that. I’ve already picked out my flooring but since Dude hates it we might just be living with concrete FOREVER.

Oh well, at least Tinki will sleep comfy and cozy in a real bed instead of on the floor where she has been since moving in! Oh, and she does have sheets on the bed now, too 🙂

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