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Back-up Singers Are So Cool

So I was surfing around today on French youtube and I came across this guy named Julien Doré. He has this song called Kiss Me Forever. Apparently, this song comes from his second album, though I have never heard of the guy before today. The video doesn’t have any wild special effects or women dancing around in short skirts and bikini tops. What is does have are the coolest back-up singers and dancers. I love these guys and want to know how they made it through this video with out crackin’ up! They must have done a few takes. I have watch this video a bunch of times and I just can’t stop laughing at Julien’s supporting cast members. I think this video is brilliant. It has a subtle charm to it. I hope it gives you a little chuckle, too. If you like it, pass it around for others to enjoy.

By the way, Julien doesn’t know me and I am not getting any kick backs from the guy. Although, if he becomes super famous because thanks to me, I might be contacting him:)

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