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Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween to all!

Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday of the whole year so I am kind of let down by the fact that France just doesn’t get it the way we Americans do.

During the month of October I just loved seeing all the decorations in the stores and at neighbors’ houses. We ourselves were big into decorating when the kids were young. I also miss passing out candy and seeing everyone dressed up. It’s such a huge deal in The States that now I am finally feeling a bit of culture shock!

A few weeks ago I found out that our town was going to put on a Halloween party and got all excited and told Tinki about it. We were gonna be in like Flynn. Then we found out that it was only for kids 3-12??!! What the heck? This holiday is for everyone and I’m crying foul. These guys don’t understand how much fun this holiday is for big people, too and I tell you when they do figure it out, look out!

So for the month of October, this picture was about as Halloweeny as it got for me. I vow right at this moment, that next year I am dressing up in full force and gonna show these Frenchies how it’s done. I might scare my co-workers, but then again, that is all part of the fun:) Muaha ha ha!!!

I ended up finding a picture of me taken 2 years ago. I was Laura Croft Tomb Raider. Look out Angie, your competition is in town!

Fedex is on Holiday-Gimme a break!

Just when I thought all was good and the lasting effects of the Fedex strike were over, I find out that they now have a holiday on Monday June 13, which means my shipping time frame is once more behind schedule!

All was looking really great today when the cute FedEx guy showed up with my packages.

ON TIME, mind you!!

This was the first time in a month since the strike began that I actually received everything on the day I am supposed to. All my stuff went straight to Paris (not diverted to Germany as they had been these past several weeks) and I was feeling really good about FedEx being back on track.

That warm glowy feeling lasted all of 5 seconds.

My colleague goes and springs it on me that Fedex is on holiday next Monday and they will be closed! This time it is for Pentecost. I don’t know about your company, but mine has to work that day. We’re starting again with these religious holidays and not playing by the rules of separation of church and state. Fine, okay, historical stuff and all that which means I am not going to diss them. I’m mad because this time I am not reaping the benefits of a day off PLUS my packages are going to be late again. Double wammy = not happy today.

When is this going to end??

I vote that they should have to work that day to make up for their “days off” they took when they held the strike. I think that’s fair.

Make it so Number One!

Ascension Day = Holiday in France

Yesterday was a public holiday in France. When I was told about this around two weeks ago, my first reaction was “Yee haw, a vacation day!” Then it dawned on me that France has a day off in June on a Thursday.  So, I asked my colleagues what the heck was happening on June 2nd that was allowing France to have a day off. Their reply was, “Ascension Day, of course”. Just like that.

Ascension Day?? Are you kidding?? It that, like, a real holiday?? I responded just that way, but with the slow motion of words, louder and with an upswing in the voice on the last word and with a wrinkled forehead since I was in question of if this was real or they were putting me on.

They assured me it was the real thing.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but Ascension Day is a religious day for Catholics (other religions, as well, but predominately Catholics celebrate it as a holy day). It represents the ascension of Christ into heaven after he rose from the dead.

I know that Catholicism is the most predominant religion in France. In fact, it is for most of Europe. Here’s the thing, France is supposed to be a country of total separation of church and state. If that is so, why are businesses and all government institutions closed on that day?  I was super confused. France is making some rules here and not following them. Why?

Again, I went to my colleagues to ask, “What is the deal”. They said that in this day and age France recognizes it as a public holiday because of its historical significance. It was a day celebrated long ago when religion was deeply rooted in France and the practice of religion was common place. Since it was a day of “non work” for such a long time in history, France continues in that tradition.

Well, okay. I guess they have their reasons and I am not about to diss on history or anything.

In any case, I got the day off. I am not Catholic, but thanks to the historical importance of this religion I was able to reap the benefits.

One thing is a bummer, though. I had to go back to work on Friday. Just for that one day. Can you believe it? I know for sure that we were the only ones in our building that day. Everyone else was like, “Why go to work for just one day? Let’s make it a four day weekend. We’re in France. We can do that!”

You know what I say to that?



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