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Maybe I Won’t Be In The Dark Ages After All

Well guess what happened today? SFR called me back to talk about transferring my “Neufbox” to my new house. They decided to give it a whirl again to see if they could make it work for me. I happen to be one of their best customers:)

We started out with the same old questions: What is your current address, what is the name on the account, when are you moving, do you want to keep the same service?? Yada, Yada, Yada.

I breezed right through those ones cuz now, I’m a pro.

Then we got to the really hard question (well for SFR not for me): What is your new address? I told them the same one I gave them the other day, but this time with at twist. I told the lady that we were the only house on this street and that maybe if I gave her the name of the street that “T’s” into us, it would help her find it.

I ran outside and down the street looking for the street sign (since I don’t know that street name by heart). Then she looked up that street in her nifty computer and wouldn’t you know it, she was able to locate it! Yes! Maybe we were getting somewhere.

Then she asked me what the old owner’s name was. I answered that question the day before so I figured I would get a 100% on it today. I gave that to her and she said that she didn’t have that name down, she had another one.

Then there was just silence on her end. I heard crickets people. Was I suppose to guess what name she had or was she just gonna help me out with this one? Finally she gave me the name and lucky for me I recognized it as the name of the sister of the old owner. The reason I happened to know that is because the brother and sister were the ones who actually sold the house to us for their dad. That was super lucky on my part or else I would have had no idea and would have gone right back to zero. No thanks.

I let her know that the name she gave me was the sister of the old owner and now, I was in like Flynn. She said that I was all set and they could transfer my Neufbox. Score!

I was super thrilled about this, but completely confused by how we ever arrived at where we did. Cuz it makes total sense that my house, on the street that it’s actually on, doesn’t exist for SFR cuz they have the house on the street that “T’s” into our street and the name on their account isn’t the old owner’s it’s his sister’s. Don’t you think that makes total sense?!

So off I went happy for the day, well, except for the fact that I have to wait two whole weeks before the transfer is done. That means no internet and no television for two weeks! What the heck are we gonna do with ourselves??

Oh wait, I know….. finish the house remodel:)

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