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Still Muddling Through

We woke early this morning to a terrific lightning and thunder storm which was followed by rain and wind. Well, even in sunny Provence it can happen. Unfortunately for us, we discovered very early in the morning that we have a roof leak. It happens to be in the one room that we’re all sharing and it is right next to Tinki’s bed.

She woke up thinking she was hearing someone’s fountain only to discover the drip, drip of water next to her head. Great, something else that now needs to be fixed before the next storm.

Dude went on the roof and discovered that some of the tiles are loose and there needs to be a bit of repair work done. That’s going to be a difficult job due to how high up the roof is and the fact that you can’t walk on the tiles or they’ll break. Now he has to figure out how he’s going to fix this problem.

On the bright side, it isn’t suppose to rain again tonight so we should be safe, but on the down side I saw today that there is another storm scheduled to blow in next Sunday. I don’t think our roof will be fixed by then so we might be setting buckets out to catch the cascade that might be coming our way. Well, I guess free drinking water is in my future.

Another thing to not be so happy about is the fact that we don’t have any heat, yet, in the house. Tonight is the first night we’re actually a bit cold and THAT I’m really not happy about. I’m putting it out there that I better have heat in this place soon (even before that roof leak is fixed) or Dude is not going to enjoy hearing me go ballistic.

We did, however, have an addition to our kitchen (no it’s not done, yet). We found our oven and brought it upstairs and enjoyed a real meal of frozen food that can be cooked in 20 minutes! That’s about the best we can do during the renovation and no kitchen to cook in. We have it propped up on a large box since we have no place for it at the moment.

It works though and I’m happy and so is Tinki cuz we can actually make some real food now when we get the chance instead of just cooking on the camping stove.

Nothing else in the house has really progressed. We’re still fooling around with drywall mud and finish and can’t seem to find a brand that will work really well. Dude must have drywalled, sanded, and re-drywalled, sanded and put on the finish coat, and sanded around 6 or 7 times in each room (and that is definitely no lie, folks). We’ve been working on this part of the project for several weeks now! It just won’t come together and now I’m getting bored. There is definitely no fun in drywall dust all over the house. Everything is covered in it. We try to keep the one room we are in closed off from the dust, but that stuff gets everywhere. I swear after Dude has sanded it looks like new snow on Christmas morning all over the floor. Then he’s sweeping and vacuuming and wiping everything down. This has gone on for weeks now!

I’m ready for something different and I know for sure he is, too. Even if we can get to the point of putting on the primer paint, I will be thrilled. At least it will be advancing. For now he is still working with the drywall and finish. He told me tonight that he still has to go over some of the walls cuz they’re not right. Ahhhh!

I have a fear that we will be living in the same room, without heat and collecting rain water for months to come. I’ll be ready for the nut house if that happens. House remodeling isn’t so bad when you don’t have to live in it, but it’s another ball of wax when you have to wake up and go to bed surrounded by an unfinished place.

I can’t say whether I am happy about it being Monday tomorrow and going to work (to get away from the remodel work) or if I am unhappy about it due to the fact that when I am at work the house isn’t getting finished. I hate dilemmas…

Well, time to go use my oven…..cuz now I can 🙂

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