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Buying Our First House in France (Part 3)- Another AHHHHH!

So we had to decide whether we were going to be in deep *S* with the house we really wanted, or pay the sellers 22 000 Euros and walk away with nothing. We chose what was behind door #1. With our signing day only 6 days away, the bank lady said we needed to go that day to the post office and mail our loan papers. In France these papers can only be accepted by the bank if they are sent through the post office. So we walked two blocks over and personally handed them to the man behind the counter, watched him stamp it and put it in the bin for lift off. We figured that it would be at the bank by the next day. Wrong again. Do you know that by Friday the bank was telling me that they couldn’t find the documents! Seriously, it had been two days since we mailed them and there was only two blocks between the two entities! What is wrong with this place!

Well, we ended up get an email from our notaire saying that our 12 July signing has been cancelled due to the fact that the bank couldn’t find our paperwork. Dang. Now what?

The next day was Saturday and do you know what happened on that Saturday? The bank lady emails me and says she has everything and is all set to go. Well, what the heck? Why could she not have told me that yesterday?

So I emailed the notaire to let her know that all was good and to tell me when we could do the stupid final signing. On Tuesday she emails me back and says the next available date is 25 July. Two weeks away! Are you kidding me! Get your butts in there tomorrow people, that’s what I say. Well, I didn’t really say that to her, but I was thinking it. Again with the waiting! I am not amused.

The two week interim…..

So for the next two weeks, since we had to wait around some more, Dude started doing his research on how he is going to fix that large crack in our house because there was no way we were gonna pay the price of that quote. He began searching around the net for some threaded rod that was 12 meters long and 30M in diameter. He wasn’t playing around. Go for the big guns and do it right!

I swear he worked on this thing forever! He couldn’t find the threaded rod in the size he wanted or in the diameter he wanted. After 4 days of research he came up with nothing.

He even researched on getting 3 or 4 pieces that he could hold together with couplings and still no luck! The problem was the diameter of 30M. He could find it in a smaller diameter, but we really needed it in a larger size. What kind of country is this? There are cracks in people’s houses everywhere. They had to have gotten their threaded rod from somewhere?! He started to call companies in the US and Canada and was getting ready to even call China direct.

Day after day he sat around and worked on getting three dumb items to fix the crack. All we need was some threaded rod (the right size), hex couplings and some bolts. This task was proving much harder than we ever imagined and boy was he is the worst mood ever, cussing up a storm and all. This project was taking up all his time and it was only for three items! What was the fix up for the rest of the house going to be like?

After multiple calls to his brother in the states, multiple calls to companies in the states, me doing shout outs to people on my social networking site and him yelling at stupid sites in French that say they have what you want and then you look on their site and they really don’t, he finally found a company in the states that had just what he needed and they had a distributor in The Netherlands.

He got a quote from them, but we ran into another problem. The tax and shipping was going to be huge since the threaded rod was so big and heavy. This was going to be really expensive. Shot down again.

Then, he finally found what he was looking for and it was smack dap in France. We set out to order it and guess what, it worked! He was able to order 4 pieces of threaded rod and the bolts. Miraculously he was able to find the hex couplings through another vendor. We were all set and even found this really cool tie that will be going on the outside of the house. Real decorative and all. Here is it:

Woowee, and just in time for the RDV to sign for the house. It looked as if we were finally on our way.

All that time and energy mainly for this one item:

Next stop, 25 July. To be continued……



Buying Our First House in France (Part 2)- Still AHHHHH!

Finally 6 June arrived and the fix it man met agent man out at the house.  Dude and I didn’t go that day because it was a Monday and that is one of my busiest work days. However, agent man said he would ensure everything was fine and get the quote over to us.

The day passed without issue and no one called to ask us anything or give us any answers to our questions. Again, we just waited.

After a week went by and still no sign of a quote, I contacted agent man. He said he would look into it and let me know. About 15 minutes later he let me know that fix it man had not finished his quote. What was the deal here? I am use to people giving me quotes within 48 hours. Wow! Quadruple that and you might be on target here. So we waited some more. I kept hearing the Jeopardy theme song in my head, only I just couldn’t guess when we were ever gone know how much this crack was going to cost us.

Finally, two weeks after fix it man and agent man met, our agent sent us the quote. The *S* hit the fan when Dude and I saw how much it was going to be. That dumb quote that we had waited all this time for was to the tune of 10 000 Euros and we were not singing, let me tell you. We were pissed! I was already at my out of pocket limit with the payment on the house, there was no way we could come up with another 10 Gs to get that fixed.

So Dude had an idea, we would contact the agent to see if we could split the cost with the seller. It was worth a shot, if you don’t ask, you don’t know. That is just what I did, only I couldn’t get a hold of the agent for 3 whole days! Now it’s 24 June and we are getting closer to the final signing. When I finally get a hold of him, do you know what he said? He said that he couldn’t do anything. That I had to tell my notaire, who had to contact the seller’s notaire, who had to contact the seller and then the answer would go the same route only backwards. Well, there goes another week down the drain!

So that night I emailed our notaire with the quote attached asking if the sellers could chip in and help a “sista” and “bro” out.  Again, we played the waiting game.

The following Tuesday was when we finally heard from the notaire. Here we were on the 28 June, with only two weeks to go for signing and we were still messing around. Well, she calls and says that the sellers said a big, fat NO to us. Of course, they had not obligation since it was not a condition that it be fixed before we would buy the house in the “compromis”. So there ya go, we weren’t too happy, but there wasn’t a whole lot we could do at this point. So, I called the bank to talk to our agent who was in charge of our loan and guess what? She wasn’t there. She was on vacation until Tuesday of the following week! I swear we have the rottenest luck of anyone I know. There is that Jeopardy theme song again. So we WAITED until the following week.

Finally, Tuesday 5 July rolls around. Yes, folks it is now July, and a month since fix it man went out to the house to give us a bid. Can you believe it?!  Time means nothing to these guys here. So first thing in the morning, Dude and I went down to the bank to see our agent. We stood around for a while and were told that she was too busy that day to see us. We would need to call her to make a RDV, but we couldn’t call her until after 4pm that day. Great, good, fine. Waiting, waiting.

It happened to be Tinki’s birthday that day so we had plans to be at the zoo. Off we went. Towards the end of the day (pretty much 4:01pm to be exact) I phone our agent at the bank to explain the situation and see what we could do about it. She said to come into the bank at 10am the next day to discuss.

We were there at 10am sharp ready for some answers on what we could do. Basically, due to our “compromis” there was nothing we could do (we had to wait a whole extra day to hear that?) We had already been approved for the loan and all was moving along for us to sign by next Tuesday, 12 July. Problem was, we hadn’t turned our loan papers into the bank because of this issue with the crack. Now, with only 6 days left for the signing, if we backed out we would have to pay the sellers 22 000 Euros and come away with NO house! What is this crazy place I am living in?!

Dude and I really wanted the house, that wasn’ t the problem. We just didn’t know where we were going to come up with the money to fix it.

To be continued…………..

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