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Fight! Fight! Two In One Night!!

After work tonight, dude and I went to Boulanger. Yup it’s the store that we bought all of your appliances from.  Well, our brand new coffee maker already broke and we had to take it back to get a replacement. When we got out of the car, it started to rain and believe it or not, there are these two guys in the parking lot just screaming at each other. Probably about something stupid. They were talking so loud and so fast that I couldn’t understand what the heck they were saying, but one of the guys was a security officer. He was standing outside in the rain while the other guy was sitting in his car and they were hashing up something fierce. It looked like it had been going on for a while, too. I looked at dude and said, “Boy, it sure is a good thing they aren’t in LA. Someone would have pulled a gun out by now”. Man, we heard those guys yelling at each other until we made it into the store.

When we finally made our way to the “returns counter” I told the helper on the other side of the counter that our coffee maker broke and we only bought it 6 months ago. I showed him the receipt that said we had a one year warranty. He stood around for a couple of minutes checking it out then typed some stuff into his computer. Now mind you, I was expecting for him to say, “Go ahead and get a new one and bring it back here and I will gladly exchange it for you”. Guess what? That didn’t happen. This guy had the nerve to tell me that I had to leave my coffee maker with him for the next three to four days while their technician took a look at it to make sure we weren’t lying. (No-he didn’t actually say that, but he was thinking it, I know that for sure). Then he asked me for my phone number and said once the tech was finished with it he would send me a text message. Really?? What is this world coming to! I’m sorry, I am not use to NON customer service. For a minute there I was whisked back to my Target days when I just told those guys something was wrong, gave them the receipt and off I was to do an exchange. Then the Boulanger guy gave me that look like, “Not in this country sister”. Well, apparently not!  So now I am eagerly waiting for my text message from Mr. Tech at Boulanger. This store just got knocked down a notch in my book.

Next I was off to Auchan, that store I now am looking to get some stock in since my love affair with their tissues and toilet paper. All was going great. I found all I needed and even a bit more (that happens to you too, no lying) and was off to the check out. Just as we finished passing through the line a fight broke out in the yogurt and pudding aisle. I kid you not!  Who the heck fights in the yogurt and pudding isle! It wasn’t like someone took your grocery cart spot or something. Now, by FIGHT, I don’t mean a fist fight, it was a loud “I’m gonna kick your butt” fight. Well, these two girls start going at it (again I have no idea why since they were speaking so loud and fast) and then all these people start gathering around to witness the scene. As these guys start getting louder, more people start gathering around. Then two guys get involved and I am now standing there with my mouth open just trying to figure out why this was even going on. The funniest part is, the security people and all the workers in Auchan were just standing there watching it, too. They didn’t even do anything. Man, security would be all over something like this in the states. It was actually quite hilarious.

So finally the mom of one of the chicks broke it up and told her and her friends to leave. Right about then security decides to be the big heros and show up. Nice going guys.

So all ended well for the night and it seems no one got hurt. I still can’t believe I saw two fights in one day. The south of France is supposed to be calm, peaceful and relaxing. There must be a full moon out tonight, or something.

One thing is definitely still bothering me, though. I still can’t figure out why anyone would fight in the yogurt and pudding aisle?

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