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Christmas Lunch

Today was my company’s annual Christmas party and I gotta tell ya, it was quite nice. We went to a small restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean and it just so happened that today we had the nicest weather we’ve had in about a week.

It has been super windy, cold and dreary for the past week and yesterday I started to get a bit worried that the weather was going to damper the party. To my utmost surprise I woke this morning to a blue sky, no wind and one of the warmest days we’ve had in a while.

The restaurant had a gorgeous view and the tables were very nicely decorated. I had the most superb egg and truffle appetizer, beef entree covered in a delicious, mouth watering sauce and a dessert of chocolate that was to die for. The atmosphere was wonderful and calm and we had such a relaxing time. I do believe I should do this more often!

Note to self: When house is finished, hire cook to feed me meals like this to make me feel better.


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