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Visions of Contrast in Provence

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Grazing sheep in Gemenos

The Port at Sanary-sur-Mer

The hills above La Roquebrussanne

Purple flowers in full bloom in Sanary-sur-Mer

Ba Ba Black Sheep

You all know how much I LOVE living in the country. I love my vineyards, my hills, my quiet, little, country village and my sheep. Well, they’re not exactly MY sheep (they’re not my vineyards or hills either, but hey, one can wish right??).

So today, on my way to work and taking that most wonderful, delightful drive through the country side, what did I spy? Sheep! They’re everywhere roaming about near my village, now. The sheep herders have finally decided to let them frolic about the country side and guess what?? Most of them are naked!

Today after seeing several different groups of sheep and sheep herders along the route, I finally had Dude stop off on the side of the road so I could take a photo of them.

This particular group was not naked (they were probably glad about that since I was taking their photos). They were, however, all busy about their task of mowing their owner’s yard.

All the sheep were white except for one! I guess you always have to have a “black sheep” in the family, don’t you?

They’re so adorable and I have decided that I want to sheep-napped one of them. I think that my garden is big enough.  He will fit right in with the rooster I want to get 🙂


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