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Beach Day Mistake

Today we set out to the beach and port at Cassis. This was a big mistake. Hitting the beach on the first holiday weekend of “les grands vacances” was not really well thought out. There were people everywhere. This is a tiny little seaside town that, apparently, attracts all tourists and locals alike. Originally we went to check out a local shop that sells a certain brand of shoe that Tinki has been wanting for some time now and has not been able to find them. She spotted them the night we went to Cassis to check out the fireworks and today, wanted to go back and check them out before we took a look at the beach and walked along the port.

Little did we know that the crowds had gathered throughout the day.  It is really hot here during the day so we have been venturing out later in the afternoon. Today it was 3pm and, I guess, that was plenty of time for everyone else to make it before us.

First off, there was no parking available. This was clue #1 that we were in trouble. Then when we hit the village and the streets were packed with pizza and ice cream eating tourists. Okay, clue #2.

Tinki ended up finding the store and spotted the shoes she was interested in, only to find out that they didn’t even have her size! Tant pis pour elle (remember the word of the day).

So off we went to check out the beach and this is what we saw.

There were so many people that it was quite sickening! They were EVERYWHERE! Like ants drawn to a piece of fruit, they covered the beach! I didn’t know the beach could support that many people. Given the case, we walked along the port and over to the lighthouse for some relief from the crowd and shade from the heat. Across from the lighthouse, there is a cliff in which an area juts outs and makes a small flat surface. To my surprise, that was covered with people, too! They simply find any spot they can and plunk themselves down regardless if there is space or not. They really don’t have a sense of personal space here! I was claustrophobic just looking at them and not even in the midst of all of it!

Well, our trip was short lived. The walk was nice, but with the clouds coming in and the humidity increasing, not to mention more people arriving to eat at the restaurants, we decided to take our leave for the long walk back to the car.

I have learned my lesson. No beach during tourist season unless I get there around 8pm. Then everyone should be gone and I can have it all to myself. Heck, it’s still warm out at that hour and I got nothing on the weekend nights to rush home to. I’ll let you know how my plan pans out.



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