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Ummm- You Missin’ Something?

In France, there are a lot of households that hang their clothes out to dry from their window. I always thought this was a bit odd since there is so much dust and dirt from the cars driving by, not to mention all the times people have forgotten their drying clothes and left them out in the rain (unless that was how they were being washed), and of course, there’s the wind that’s always blowing here in Provence. That alone means there’s a good chance that someone might lose an article of clothing every now and then.

Well, some suspicions came true the other day while walking through a local village. It seems that someone had lost their “chonies” while hanging them out to dry! What a great surprise for the neighbor it must have been when he went to open his window the next day and saw his neighbor’s underwear stuck on his volet holder! He probably got a good chuckle out of it.

I’m sure it happens quite a bit here. I guess you can’t be a person easily embarrassed if you live in a village house!

If it were me that had found the underwear on my volet holder, I would have told one of my kids to go stick it on their head, run upstairs to the neighbor’s and when they answered the door, to just point at their head and say, “Ummm, you missin’ something important?” Knowing my son, he totally would have done that!

Excuse me, but what do you sell here?

There is no mistaking what this store sells. Their name choosing ability is uncanny ^^

I am not sure what “shake and be undestructible” means, though (and yes, that is how they spelled it).

Looks like the person with the uncanny name choosing ability was not the same person who wrote the tag line. That is unfortunate.

I am glad, however, that the mannequin loves her boyfriend and is not afraid to tell everyone. Also, I am thinking about buying dude those cool, heart boxer briefs. I think he can sport them.

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