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Saturday Stroll and Dejeuner

Mr. Meteo told me last night that it was going to rain today, so I made no plans to go anywhere.

Well, stupid Mr. Meteo was wrong. I woke this morning (or mid-morning by everyone else’s standards) to a sunny, blue sky. It was a bit breezy, but not too bad. Definitely nothing in the way of the Mistrals or anything, so that brightened my day some.

I’m not complaining about sunny skies, no way Jose. It just that I would have made whole day away plans if I would have known. I treasure my weekend get-a-ways, you know.

So, I again checked Mr. Meteo this morning to see what was up. He was still saying that rain would be coming my way sometime this afternoon which meant that if I wanted to do anything in the outdoorsy way, I had better get on it (if he was telling me the truth).

Since we have such a nice area to stroll in, Dude and I decided to take an hour or so walk before lunch.

To our surprise it was quite pleasant outside and turned out to be perfect weather for a late morning walk.

The little poppies are blooming.

The vineyards are starting to show leaves and thanks to all the rain we have been having, the mountains and fields are a nice shade of green.

Once back home, it was time for a quick lunch.

Yes folks, that’s my idea of a quick lunch, Cantal cheese (I will forever love my friend Jacqui over at The French Village Diaries for introducing me to this wonderful cheese), fresh strawberries, a bottle of Cairanne wine(made known to be my my friend Michel our at Sablet House Provence and that Dude already partook of) and some delicious 1848 dark chocolate while enjoying the view.

I do kind of think I’m spoiled, but somehow I just can’t apologize for it 🙂

And It Begins….

Taking walks around the small villages where I live is something that I really enjoy doing this time of year.  The days become longer, the sun shines a bit brighter, the flowers are blooming and the trees begin to have leaves on their branches. There just isn’t anything I can think of during spring to dampen my spirits.

Another thing I look forward to this time of year is watching the farmers and vineyard workers readying their fields for this year’s harvest.  During springtime, all the fields and vineyards that have been left unattended and forgotten suddenly seem to have new life in them. The workers are busy tending their vines, cleaning the weeds from the fields and plowing. Everywhere you see tractors suddenly in motion after being hidden away all winter. They not only are working the fields, but also taking over the roads to the point that traffic can sometimes come to a screeching halt while waiting for them to cross the street.

Everyday even just to the point of sunset, the country side becomes a buzz with the various activities of tending to the crops and vineyards. All winter long the weeds have taken over and the vines look sad and lonely, but once spring comes it’s as if a whole new life has sprung into them. With tender loving care they seem to stand tall and proud that once again they are cared for and are happy that they will be able to bear fruit when harvest season comes.

All around me the vineyards and patches of farm land are now trimmed, clean and proper. Life has suddenly come back to Provence.

Happy New Year To All

I want to wish each and every one of you a happy and prosperous New Year.

Have a wonderful time celebrating the ringing in of the new and out with the old.

Of course, in France, this time of year gives way to such a wonderful excuse to dip into all that lovely wine that is out on the store shelves.  By look of the store aisles this week, I guess everyone was thinking that. Even the nuns that were in front of Dude and me at the checkout counter were going to be partying it up this weekend. They sure were loading a bunch of spirits onto the conveyer belt. Dude said that he was feeling a bit guilty about the one beer he was buying until he saw their cart!

I had my camera all ready to snap a shot of them and their purchase, but every time I tried to take a photo one of the nuns would look straight at me. I swear, it must have happened 3 or 4 times and I just couldn’t get the shot without being totally obvious so I had to abandon ship. I do suppose that I could have just asked them if I could take a picture of them holding their wine, but I really didn’t want to get scolded by nuns.

As for me, I would love to dig into this lovely bottle for my own celebrating, but alas, I don’t drink. It’s suddenly occurred to me, while looking at this bottle, that it’s a shame I don’t partake (5 whole litters in one shot).  If anything, this past year would warrant the drinking of this whole bottle.

On second thought, that might be a bad idea. I might have the tendency to start drinking on a daily basis if this house situation keeps going as it has!

Oh well, I guess I will ring in the new year sober just like all the other years. Who knows this year might be the best one I’ve ever had and it would be a shame to mess up the first day of it 🙂

Bonne fetes to all!

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