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Even He’s Cold

As the wave of cold continues across Europe we are bound to see more and more photos of snow covered cars and houses, people bundled up like Eskimos, frozen lakes and rivers and ice covered cliffs.

Provence, though definitely not as cold as some of the other regions of Europe, has been touch by the cold spell, nonetheless. I read and watch the news daily for any sign of a power outage (which has happened in the department I live in), icy road warnings or more snow to come. Some of the photos I have seen have been incredible, some sad, and some beautiful and breathtaking.

When reading this morning about the current state of the weather in Europe, I came across this photo. It was one that made me laugh and I just had to share it.

I think he even has a look of distress on his face. I love his icy beard and his furrowed brow. His sad face seems to give off the impression that even he is cold and has had enough of this weather.

For some interesting fun facts about Gargoyles, head on over to my friend Corey’s blog at A French Frye In Paris. He’ll let you in on the lowdown of these famous creatures.

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