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Now you all know how I’m takin’ with the toilets in France. There is just something fundamentally funny to me about the stuff I’ve seen here, that I’ve never seen in The States. So far, all the blog posts I’ve written that has to do with something about a toilet or toilet seat in France have yet to be found in my home country. For some odd and demented reason, I am fascinated by what I can buy or find here in the way of these products and I can’t resist taking a photo and writing about it. It just boggles my mind (I have to let you in on a secret…..see…I’m simple minded). Now does it make sense to you? I just happen to be one of those people who get a kick out of simple and crazy or dumb things. I know you all know someone personally like me so no judging.

I think this must help me somehow psychologically. How?? I’m not exactly sure, but it gives me a chuckle and everyone knows that laugher is the best medicine when you’re feeling down. So I guess that must be it. Yup-it’s quite possible.

You see, when I’ve been in Castorama or LeRoy-Merlin or some other store for house renovation materials and I am going on hour number 4 (in the same store) looking at all the same stuff I looked at last week and hoping that this week something new has come in and then finding out it hasn’t, and then suddenly I find something that takes my mind off the hardship of non-acquirement (is that a word?), then I just gotta snap the shot. (I think that might have been my longest sentence, yet). For some odd reason, this has been in the area of the toilets.

I swear that this stuff can’t be found in The States. If it exists there, then no one has come forward to let me know.

Well, my latest find is, ta…da..


The toilet where you can wash your hands with the tank water!

This is pure genius. Not only is it a space saver but it’s also double usage for toilet water!! What could be better? I’m thinking about buying stock in the company who is producing this. I have a feeling it’s going to be really big someday. I can totally see it in dorm rooms across America.

Now, I’m betting this hasn’t gotten to The States, yet, and the reason I think this is because my daughter was in a dorm and had a very (I mean microscopic) bathroom and she still had a tub, toilet and separate sink! This could be the wave of the future for dorm kids. Guess what?? It can even triple as a drinking fountain if you pick the right faucet! I’m sold. Done.

I’m thinking about buying one and shipping it to my son for his birthday. Then he will be the toast of the town and all his friends will want one. Then I can make a deal with the company who sells it and be rich, rich, rich….. mauhaha….!

Wow, okay…getting a little ahead of myself.

But seriously, is this a great idea or what? If anyone in The States has come across this fantastic item, either in a store (or better yet, installed in a home or office) please send me a photo or tell me about it. I’m dying to know if I’m behind the times on this or there is still hope to corner uncharted territory in the USA!

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I was finally able to realized my dream of living in France when I moved here in 2010. I love to read,I love history and road trips. I want to be doing anything outside in the fresh air. I want to have an entire room devoted to a personal library.

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  1. OK, I am with you about this being new and different and a good idea for small bathrooms. However, I’d like to think the water comes from a separate line and not out of the toilet tank reservoir. If I came across this in a bathroom, I would most likely look to see what the source is for the water you’re supposed to wash your hands in before I washed my hands. I am a little of a germophobe.

    • Hi Michel-Agreed. I have to confess that I am a bit germophobic myself. I do believe the water line going to the sink part would be the same as it would be if going to a regular sink, but in France, you never know! I’ve never seen anything so neatly packed and space saving. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a chance to “look under the hood” someday.

  2. In the UK the water is usually from the same line as the sink is fed from. I think you are definitely on to a winner with this one, what a fantastic invention. I reckon this particular one would go down well in the UK. Our houses in the UK are usually quite small and the toilets are even smaller. This toilet with hand washing facilities would be a great space saver for us. Fantastic find Ashley.

    • Hey Stephen-I’m surprised that these things aren’t already in the UK. I found it in Castorama and I think their sister company in the UK is King Fisher. They might have them, you never know. I had no idea that houses in the UK were small. I totally thought that France cornered the market on that (as well as microscopic hotel rooms). I guess this item could be a hit in your country, too. If your out and about and see one, let me know. I’d be super curious if this thing takes off in other places.

  3. Remarkably, just as I read this, I overheard on the middle-of-the-night edition of one HGTV House Hunter episodes, “And does the toilet come with that?”

    Okay, so I just finished up posting my blog and was about to shut down and go to bed when I saw “Toilet Talk” on my Blogger reading list. I had to stop to read. French toilets are a fascination. Actually, I read (and saw pictures?) about Todo toilets in Japan which had all those bidet-substitute functions that you wrote about the … which one was it? it’s too late to research now … Castorama? (or is that the store … still too late for research.) Back in the old days I loved it that every encounter with a French toilet involved a search party for how to flush it. I was so disappointed that they replaced the public toilet at the entrance street to St Paul de Vence with a self-evident flusher. You used to need a steady stream of users to pass along the flush-secret information. Standardization is creeping into French facilities, so it’s nice to see there is still some inventiveness.

    This may not make sense. I’m getting punchy and I have restless cats who want to be put to bed, too.

    • Hi Lee- Your comment on “the search party” to figure out how to flush a French toilet reminded me of something that happened to me in France about 6 years ago. I was out on one of my road trips and came across a toilet where there was no real means to flush it. Everyone in my family was searching for how to “finish” the job. We all must have crammed in the stall for some odd 10 minutes when finally one of my kids found it. It happened to be a small petal at the base of the bowl and way, way in the back. You literally had to move around the side of the bowl and punch it with your foot. There was no way to see it or tell what it was cuz it was the same color as the metal bowl and it was super skinny and small. We all cracked up after joyfully figuring it out and then had to talk about it for the next 30 minutes on why the heck the French would have done that. We came to the conclusion that it was to piss of tourists.

  4. I’d totally do my dishes in there as well. How great would it be to take care of your housework business and your “other business” at the same time? Time saver.

    • Hi Corey- The dishes would actually work great, they might have to be more on the side of children’s plastic ones to fit, but hey all the better. Then you can just have your little kids do the dishes. I’m sure they wouldn’t serve up lip service with something that could be bring them hours of fun. Might have to close and lock the toilet lid, though. You’d want to be sure they were using water from the correct area!

  5. Oh, my! Wow . . .interesting. A, I have not seen this toilet on the east coast, and in the last 6 months I have traveled from Jersey to Georgia (looking at colleges with my daughter). Haven’t seen it in DC or in mags either. This toilet is so funny. But, if it was in a dorm room, how would you wash for face . . .straddling the toilet. After all this toilet talk, looks like a have a lot to get used to when I get there. Thanks for a very interesting post – can’t wait to show my husband (he’s in construction).

    • Hi Debra- I do believe that the construction junkies would get a big kick out of this as well as interior designers! I think that your daughter might need one for college. I might have to hook you up! If one is ever displayed on the floor at a store instead of in an over head, I will sooooo demonstrate the straddling of the seat to was your face with pics or a video to prove it! That would be hilarious. Don’t forget, I want pictures if you ever do see one in the states 🙂

  6. Another totally brilliant French idea – actually what were the others again…….ah, cheese!

    • Hi Jacqui-Touche on the cheese, well Cantal anyway. I have to say I am totally addicted now and we buy it every week since it is so much easier to find than cheddar. We still buy cheddar, but I am no longer completely enraged and throwing a hissy fit in the cheese aisle now that I have your wonderful alternative:)

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