For Dude’s birthday we visited the historical village of Ramatuelle. This village is located not far from St. Tropez, on a hill top overlooking the beach. The town has some of the most narrow cobblestone streets you will find in Provence.

The village is very tiny and there is not much in the way of shops, but they do have an entire street of restaurants. When we were there they were celebrating Latin American days, of all things! Even though there are few shops, the town is wonderful to explore. The architecture is, of course, amazing and some of the village house owners have done really amazing things with the exterior of their homes.

One of the things I really liked about this town is that during the springtime and summer, they have many different trees, flowers and plants that are all in bloom and each one of them is named. They all have handmade labels on them that tell the name and origin, as well as, a detailed description and photo.

There is also a small shop called “Le Temple de la Savonnerie” which is an entire shop devoted to handmade soaps. It is even open on Sundays. It is definitely worth your time and pocket book. The wonderful smell of scented soaps can found on the tiny street where the shop is located. The décor is beautiful and the whole street was in full bloom when we were there.

The village is very clean and the atmosphere was calm and refreshing, especially since I live in a town that is on the move all the time. The view of the water, boats and the beaches of St. Tropez was incredible, not to mention all the vineyards you see in between the village and the Mediterranean. This time of year, everything is all green and in full bloom.

You will also find an ancient prison that was built under the rule of Napoleon III.

Not far up the road, is the Moulin de Paillas monument. These windmills were used up until the 19th century. The one I took the picture of was restored in 2002 and the view of the bay of Cavalaire from the Moulin is amazing.

If you want to go during the open market, make a trip there on either Thursday or Sunday morning.

If you have visited Ramatuelle in your travels, please let me know how you liked it and what you liked most about it.

If you want to see a more photos of our day at Ramatuelle, they appear on Flickr. To get there just click on the “More Photos” option under Recent Pictures.

To learn more about Ramatuelle, check out their official website http://www.ramatuelle-tourisme.com/

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